Our Lady Of Fatima

Dear Lady Of Fatima We Come on Bended Knees
To  beg Your Intersession for Peace and unity Dear Mary won't
you show usThe right and shining wayWe pledge our
Love and offer you a Rosary Each Day

You  Promised at Fatima Each time thatYou Appeared
To help us if we pray to you To Banish Warand Fear
Dear Lady on First Saturday We ask Your Guiding Hand For Grace and Guidance Here on Earth and Protection forOur Land
                                 Ave Maria

Ave Maria ThouVirgin and  Mother
Fondly thy children are calling to Thee
Thine are the graces unclaimed by another Sinless and beautiful

Star of the Sea

Ave Maria the night shades are falling
Softly our voices arise unto thee
Earth's lonely exiles for succor are calling
Sinless and beautiful

Star of the Sea

Ave Maria thy children
are kneeling Words of endearment are whispered to Thee
Softly thy spirit upon us is stealing
Sinless and beautiful

Star of the Sea

                              Easter Hymn

Lights glitteering morn be decks the sky
Heaven thunders forth its victory cry!
he glad earth shouts its triumph high
and groaning hell makes wild reply

While He the King Of gloryious might
Treads down death's strength in death's
despite And trampling hell by victor's right
Brings forth His sleeping Saints to light

Fast barred beneath the stone of late
In watch and wardwhere soldiers wait
Now shining in triumphant state
He rises victorfrom death's gate
Hark The Sound Of The Fight

Hark the sound of the fight hath gone forth.
And we must not tarry at home
For our Lord from the south and north Has commanded
His soldiers to come We must on with our banner unfurled We must on it is Jesus Who leads
He must hasten to conquer the world With the sign of the Lamb Who bleeds

We must stand to our colors like men
Our Lord is a leader to Love
For the wounded He heals
and the slain He crownsin His city above
We must march to the battlewith speed
Upon earth our one duty is strife
Oh blest are the soldiers who bleed For the Saviour Who
died to give life

                   Soul Of My Savior

Soul of my Savior sanctify my Breast
Body of Christ be Thoumy saving guest
Blood of my Saviour bathe me in Thy tide
Wash me with water gushing from Thy Side

Strength and protectionmay Thy passion be
O blessed Jesus hear and answer me
Deep in Thy Wounds Lord hide and shelter me
So shall I nevernever part from Thee

Guard and defend me from the foe malign
In death's drear moments make me only Thine
Call me and bid me come to Thee on high
Where I may praise Thee with Thy Saints for aye

               God Of Mercy

God of mercy and compassion Look with pity upon me
Father let me call Thee Father "Tis thy child returns to Thee

Jesus Lord I ask for mercy Let me not implore in vain
All my sins I now detest  them Never will I sin again

By my sins I have deserved Death and endless misery
Hell with all its pains and torments And for all eternity

By my sins I have abandoned Right and claim to heaven above
Where the saints rejoice forever In a boundless sea of love