By Donald A Wyckoff
Praise To The Holiest
Jesus My Lord My God My All
Firmly I Believe
Loving Shepherd of Thy Sheep
O Sacred Heart
For Christ The King

Long Live The Pope
God Bless Our Pope
Cor Jesu Trinitatis
Ite Moesti
O Come Loud Anthems Let us Sing
I Am A Faithful Catholic

Guardian Angel From Heaven So Bright
Kind Angel Guardian
Bless me Befriend me
Dear Angel! Ever At My Side

Ecce Sacerdos
Great King of Kings
Dear Guardian Of Mary
A Priestly heart

Adoramus te Panem Coelitum
Ave Verum Corpus
Adoro Te Devote
Soul Of My Savior
Sacris Solemnis
The Pater Noster
Jesus Thou Art Coming
O Jesus Christ Remember
Jesus Sweet Jesus
Pange Lingua
Sing My Tongue The Joyful Mystery
O What Could My Jesus Do More
Ego Sum Panis Vivus
O Panis Angelorum By Fr Koenen
Domine Non Sum Dignus
Adoramus te Panem Coelitum
Soul Of My Saviour
The Very Angels' Bread
Jesus Gentlest Saviour
Hail To Thee!True Body
Thee Prostrate I Adore
Panis Angelicus by P Meurers
Ave Verum Corpus by Alex Guilmant
Ave Verum Corpus By C Gounod
Ave Verum Corpus By C St Saens
Tantum Ergo by N Montani
I Need Thee Precious Jesus
Jesus Lord Be Thou Mine
Jesus My Lord My God My All
The Word Descending From Above
Wondrous Love That Cannot Falter
O Jesus Dearest Friend
See Thy Children
Jesus Ever Loving Saviour
Hail Jesus Hail
Cantate Domino Canticum Novum

Hymns to the Blessed Mother

Ave Maria
Ave Maria (Jacob Arcadelt)
Ave Maris Stella
Ave Maria (Cesar Franck)
Salve Mater Misericordiae
Ave Maria (Solesmes Chant)
Our Lady Of Fatima
Ave Maria Thou Virgin
Easter Hymn
Hark Sound of Fight
Soul Of My Savior
God Of Mercy
Daily Daily Sing to Mary
Daily Daily Sing to Mary 2
O Queen of the Holy Rosary
O Maria Sine Labe Concepta
Sub Tuum Praesidium
O Purest of Creatures
Mother Beloved
O Mother of Perpetual Help
O Mother of Perpetual Help Tune 2
Mary Dearest of All Mothers
Mary From Thy Sacred Image
Mother Dear Though Much Afflicted
Hymns for Lent

O Bone Jesu
By the Blood Flowed From Thee #2
Glory Be To Jesus
Stabat Mater
At the Cross Her Station Keeping
Jesu Salvator Mundi
Dear Maker of the Starry Skies
Parce Domine
O Sacred Head Surrounded
O Come And Mourn (Melody 1)
O Come and Mourn (Melody 2)
By The Blood That Flowed from Thee
I See My Jesus Crucified
Have Mercy On Us God Most High
Lord Jesus When I Think Of Thee
OCome and Mourn
Abroad The Regal Banners Fly
Vexilla Regis Proeunt
Good Friday Chants

All Glory Laud and Honor
Gloria Laus et Honor
Ingrediente Domino
Blessing of the Palms
Lauda Sion
Hymns for Easter

Jesus Christ Is Risen Today
Alleluia Alleluia Let the Holy Anthem
O Filii Et Filiae
Haec Dies
Christ The Lord Is Risen
Victimae Paschal (Sequence for Easter)
Regina Coeli (Lotti)
Regina Coeli Jubila
Alleluia Alleluia Let the Holy Anthem Rise 2
The Strife Is O'er The Battle Done
Regina Coeli Latare
Regina Coeli Latare 2
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
Mass Settings   and Requiem Hymns

Mass of the Angels
Asperges Me
Kyrie Gloria Credo III
Sanctus Agnus Dei
Mass Of the Blessed Virgin
Vidi Aquam (Gregorian)
Vidi Aquam (Old Version)
Kyrie Gloria Credo III\
Sanctus Agnus Dei
Requiem Mass
Introit and Kyrie
Dies Irae
Requiem Gradual
Requiem Offertory
Requiem Sanctus
Requiem Agnus Dei
Communion Verse
Libera Me
In Paradisum
Faure In Paradisum
Pie Jesu Domine
Pie Jesu (Requiem Motet)
Requiem Offertory
Help Lord the Souls
Ambrosian Gloria
Veni Creator Spiritus
Litany of the Saints
Adoremus (Benedition Chant)
Confirma Hoc (Confirmation)
Cor Dulce Cor Amabile
O Quam Suavis
O Esca Viatorum (Isaak)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Greg)
Alma Redemptoris Mater (Gounod)
Pange Lingua (Gregorian Melody)
Pange Lingua (Gregorian Usitatum)
To The Name That Brings Salvation
To The Name That Brings Salvation
Dear Angel! Ever At My Side
Other Interesting Additions
The Benediction Chapel
The Angelus Hail Mary
St. Jude Novena
Fiddleback Roman Vestments
Religious Icons
Vestment Styles
Mosaic Art Applet
The Rosary Rogers

St. Basil's Hymnal has provided Catholic Hymns since the 1800's

Hymns on this site are from the 1906 edition.

Many of the Hymns are also in the later editions
Most Roman Catholics know only of
The Roman Catholic Church

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Faith Of Our Fathers
Crown Him With Many Crowns
Holy Holy Holy

Heart Of Jesus Meek and Mild 1
Heart of Jesus Meek and MIld 2
Cor Dulce Cor Amabile
O Godhead Hid
Sweet Savior Bless Us Ere We Go

To Jesus Heart All Burning
O Sacred Heart O Love Divine
O Sacred Heart O Love Burning
Veni Jesu Amor Mi
Like a Strong and Raging Fire
O Cor Amoris Victima
Cor Jesu Salus In Te Sperantium
Hymns to God and the Church

Come Holy Ghost
O God of Loveliness
Come Holy Ghost Send Down Those
Jesu Dulcis Memoria
Veni Creator Spiritus

On This Day O Beautiful Mother
Hail Queen Of Heaven
Mother, At Your Feet Is Kneeling
Mother Dearest Mother Fairest
Mother Dear O Pray For Me
Daughter of a Mighty Father
Glorious Virgin Thee We Sing
Hail Queen of the Heavens
Immaculate Mary
Maria Mater Gratia
I'll Sing A Hymn To Mary
O Sanctissima
Bring Flowers of the Rarest
Raise Your Voices, Vales Mountains
Holy Mary Mother Mild
Hail! Holy Queen Enthroned Above
Salve Regina Coelitum (Tune 1)
Remember Holy Mary
Salve Regina Coelitum (Tune 2)
O Sanctissima (Second Tune)
Salve Regina Chant
Sweet Sacrament Divine
Jesus My Lord My God My All
Jesus My Lord My God My All tune 2
Jesus Jesus Come to Me
O Lord I Am Not Worthy
O Lord I Am Not Worthy 2
Panis Angelicus (Traditional Melody)
Panis Angelicus Second Tune
O Esca Viatorum
O Esca Viatorum
Sacris Solemnis (J Mohr)
Ecce Panis Angelorum
O Sacrum Convivium
Ave Verum Corpus  Perosi
Ave Verum Corpus Deschermeier
Adoro Te Devote
Ecce Panis Angelorum
O Esca Viatorum
O Salutaris - Werner
O Salutaris - Webbe
O Salutaris - Duguet
O Salutaris - Beethoven
Tantum Ergo - Traditional
Tantum Ergo - Webbe
Tantum Ergo - Etts
Tantum Ergo - Hayden
O Salutaris - J Wiegrand
O Salutaris - Doxology
O Salutaris - Spanish
O Salutaris - Unknown
Tantum Ergo - Russian
Tantum Ergo - St. Basil
Tantum Ergo - Unknown
Holy God We Praise Thy Name
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Hymns from the 1942 Spiewnik of the
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The Roman Hymnal  by Rev J B Young  1884
Concentus Sacri 1907  Hymnal A H RoSewig
Holy Face Hymnal Sisters of Mercy 1891
The Parochial Hymnal compiled and arranged by Rev Carlo Rossini
Sursum Corda Hymnal
Sisters of St Francis
Stella Niagara, New York
The Laudate Hymnal
Sunday School Hymn Book Sisters of Notre Dame 1907
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Why Liturgical Music Died
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